Friday December 22 5:52 AM ET

Madonna in Highland Hideaway for Wedding

DORNOCH, Scotland (Reuters) - Madonna has pulled up the drawbridge and retreated to a Scottish castle to marry British film director Guy Ritchie Friday after baptizing their son Rocco under the full glare of the media spotlight.

The Material Girl had the Highlands in a whirl when Hollywood High Society flew in for Thursday's baptism in a 13th century cathedral that was ablaze with light from hundreds of paparazzi flash bulbs.

But her big day Friday is strictly off limits for the press who have turned the pop icon into the world's most photographed woman after the death of Princess Diana.

Three security teams, equipped with thermal heat-seeking equipment, are prowling the pine forests around the Gothic- turreted Skibo Castle in search of intruders. Three paparazzi have already been ejected from the grounds.

And the need for tight security was underlined by the arrest Thursday night of a 51-year-old Englishman in Dornoch Cathedral where the baptism took place.

But church elders said the service was not disturbed. Police said the man had been charged with ``a number of relatively minor offences.''

Up to 1,000 reporters from around the world have invaded the sleepy little Highland town of Dornoch for Britain's wedding of the year. The rumor mill is working overtime, the tabloids are competing fiercely for every snippet of show-business gossip.

The 2 million pound wedding has attracted a sparkling cast of A-list celebrities -- from pop star Sting to Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow and dress designer Stella McCartney.

Tabloids had ``exclusively revealed'' that Elton John would perform his instrumental hit ``Song for Guy'' at the reception in tribute to Ritchie.

But Elton is recording a live television show in London at the same time as the wedding and his spokesman told Reuters: ''Even if he has a teleporter a la Star Trek he wouldn't be able to get there.''

The setting could not be more romantic -- a castle where pampered guests can fish for salmon in the private loch and Ritchie, famed for his gun-toting gangster movies, can shoot deer or grouse on the heather-clad moors.

Scots-born U.S. steel magnate Andrew Carnegie transformed the rundown castle when he bought it at the turn of the century. His guest list of the rich and famous ranged from Rudyard Kipling to King Edward VII.

For Madonna, 42, and Ritchie, 32, it is the perfect Highland hideaway far from the paparazzi.

Madonna, whose fortune is estimated at $200 million, has spurned the celebrity magazines who were seeking exclusive photos of the wedding which is being conducted by Church of Scotland minister Susan Brown who also presided at the baptism.

Ritchie boasts a strong emotional attachment to the Scottish Highlands and is determined at the wedding to honor his grandfather, decorated for bravery in the First World War and killed fighting in the Second World War.

The film director, who has in the past talked down his background and developed a ``Hard Man'' working class image, is to wear the family Hunting Mackintosh tartan and his grandfather's sporran for his romantic walk up the aisle.

And true to form, the tabloids found a kiltmaker who confirmed that Ritchie would be a real Scotsman.

He is set to wear nothing under his kilt however windswept and chilly the day might be when his Highland dream comes true with the Queen of Pop.

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