Monday November 20 1:27 PM ET

New York Magician to Encase Himself in Ice

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bury him or freeze him, magician David Blaine vows to survive.

The New York illusionist who buried himself alive for a week in an underground plastic coffin last year announced Monday he planned to encase himself in a block of ice for more than two days near Times Square.

Starting next Monday, the 27-year-old said he would be encased in a 6 ton block of ice for 58 hours on Broadway at West 44th Street with a tube running in providing air and water.

Blaine said in a statement that with the help of thousands of people who visited his grave in April last year, he was able to survive. ``Now, I ask well-wishers to lend me their warmth and support by visiting and touching the block of ice in which I will be frozen.''

Blaine, whose feats are inspired by those of legendary magician and escape artist Harry Houdini 100 years ago, spent seven days buried and visible through the clear coffin, sustained only by water.

Publicists for the ``Frozen in Time'' event said two halves of the block of ice with Blaine's body contour cut into it will close around him and be welded together. They said Blaine would be wearing only a pair of pants and boots to protect himself.

Described as Blaine's most dangerous stunt, his vital signs will be monitored by doctors and he has worked out eye signals to use in case of an emergency.

``The biggest dangers are loss of circulation and frostbite in his fingers and toes, and the threat of falling asleep in which case his head could slump, bringing his face into contact with the ice, damaging his skin,'' Blaine's medical consultant, Dr Ronald Rudin, said. ``There is also the danger of blood clots which could break loose and move to the brain or other vital organs as David is being broken out of the ice.''

Blaine hopes to end the stunt on the night of Nov. 29 during a live ABC-TV special, ``David Blaine: Frozen in Time.'' His feat can also be seen on the Web site Blaine also has his own television show.

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